What Consumers Say

There are many conflicting resources and voices outlining what does and does not make for a healthy diet. As a consumer, you are faced with the task of navigating this vast web of information. However, one simple dietary change that can improve the health and balance of one’s diet is increasing the consumption of dietary fiber. The daily-recommended fiber intake for the average adult is 14 grams for every 1000 calories consumed. That can easily add up to 25 to 38 grams per day. Even though these numbers can seem intimidating, reaching that amount of fiber is as easy as incorporating one more serving per day than one normally consumes. Fiber is found in everyday foods that most people already eat, making it easy to customize your fiber intake to your eating preferences. This allows consumers to reap many rewards from small changes to their daily lifestyles. Find a vast collection of tips, tricks, and recipes for incorporating dietary fiber into your healthy lifestyle. Our library of information and materials has been written to help you add more fiber to every meal with ease. Whether you are starting new, seeking to improve your current eating habits or are a kitchen connoisseur looking for your next recipe, we have something for you.

Below are several examples from consumers, like you, talking about the benefits of fiber.